Thank you to those offering their support! - CC


Scott DiMauro, President


AFL-CIO & Ohio Federation of Teachers

Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools Board of Education Member

Kathryn Garvey

Dr. Christina Collins' experience as a teacher and administrator in public schools makes her an excellent choice for the State School Board.
Teacher & Medina City Council Representative

Eric Heffinger

Former Teacher

Tess Ewart

As an educator who was NBCT & a former coworker of Dr. Collins, I can say with certainty that we NEED her on the board as she will fight for what’s best for kids."

Crystal King


Jen Oehler


Stephani Itibrout

We need Dr. Collins, who truly understands what it takes to advocate for students.


Senator Sherrod Brown

Dr. Christina Collins is a leader who will fight for investments in public education and a level playing field for all students. As an educator with over twelve years of experience, Christina understands that the Dignity of Work is not just a slogan, it's how we govern -- that's why I'm proud to endorse Dr. Christina Collins for the Ohio Board of Education.
Pierre Bejjani, President

C.A.M.E.O. (Cleveland American Middle East Organization)

Medina City Council Representative

Jess Hazeltine

GED Preparation Teacher (Retired)

Garland Gates

I'm proud to support Dr. Christina Collins as she seeks a seat on the State School Board. I have every confidence that she will put students first and will strongly support public schools.
Vice President - Shelby Area Democrats

Ted Clabaugh

I share her thoughts and ideas.I will definitely be casting my vote for her.

Carol Kimmel

Proud to support Christina Collins
Attorney and Civil Service Commissioner, Richland County

JC Elgin

I ardently support Dr. Collins for Ohio State School Board. Dr. Collins is uniquely qualified by her education, training, and experience to lead our state's educational program.
Medina County Auditor

Mike Kovack

Dr. Collins' public education experience, integrity and expertise is sorely needed on a state board that makes public education policy!

Democratic Party