Issues I Will Champion

Providing Equity in School Funding

Schools have been funded unconstitutionally since 1994, and this is yet to be corrected. Taxpayer dollars should also not be used to fund charter or private schools.

Eradicating Racism, Inequality, and Bias in State Curriculum

Ohio is dealing with systemic issues of race, inequality, and bias in its schools. We need to review state-adopted curriculum and resources to identify instances of racism, inequality, and bias and work to remove them. We also need to improve and concentrate on community support services to enable our teachers to teach without being overloaded.

Improving Supports for Mental Health & Wellness for Students & Staff

Our children are changing; their needs are changing. We need to make room in our curriculum for emphasis on social emotional learning. This means cutting back in other areas and de-emphasizing only what is tested by decreasing or doing away with state tests.

Decreasing Emphasis on State Testing & Data

The State Board of Education recently approved proposals for changing the state report card; many recommendations made sense and would be a step forward for the state. I want to see dramatic changes to the way we use data and the volume of testing. Standardized tests as they exist do nothing for ongoing instruction.

Developing a New Vision for Ohio’s Educational System that Supports Public Schools

We are in the midst of sudden and dramatic change in education in Ohio. Now is the time to rethink how we evaluate student achievement. We need to rethink the business model of education.